When I login to UFApps and launch an application, other applications open as well.

When you login to UFApps a session is created. This session “follows” you if you login to UFApps from mutiple devices so you can pickup your work right where you left off.

 Say you are at your apartment working on a homework assignment from your laptop using Word 2010 on UFApps. You hear the bus coming at rush out the door so you can make it to campus. While on the bus, you grab your tablet from your bag and launch Word 2010 from the Receiver connected to UFApps, your document is in exactly the same state as when you were using it on your laptop.  Once you get to campus, you use one of the computers in Library West and go to UFApps and start AutoCAD. When you launch AutoCAD, Word 2010 will launch as well

If you logout of UFApps or if your session has been inactive for more than 2 hours it will automatically close.