UFApps is a great addition to any class. We provide tailored services for assisting faculty in implementing UFApps into their courses. Whether you’re looking for training, consultation, or best practices, we can help you get ready.

Completing the Course Usage form gives us the information we need to ensure you have the resources necessary (e.g. application licenses). We will contact you and discuss the specific requirements for your course.

Our R Drive File Storage service provides you and your students a place to more effectively manage course files for use within the UFApps environment.

  • UFIT Training and Workshop

We routinely offer training workshops tailored for the needs of Faculty who wish to use UFApps for their courses. If you don’t see a session that meets your schedule, we are happy to set up a one on one session. Just use the Course Usage form to request a meeting.

Register for an upcoming UFApps for Faculty training session or download the resources below.

UFApps Training Slides – Module 1 & 2

UFApps Training Slides – Modules 3 & 4

UFApps Training Handout – Exercises

UFApps Training Getting Started – Tips & Tricks

  • What to Tell Your Students

In order to assist your students with using UFApps effectively, we’ve included some sample text you may include in your syllabus.

How to Access UFApps

1. Go to https://login.apps.ufl.edu/

2. Login using your GatorLink credentials

3. Install the Citrix Receiver or opt to use the Light Version

4. Launch your desired application by clicking on the icon/name

Best Practices

Working with files on your local drives is considerably slower as the data travels over your network. Migrating your files to the M: or R: drives will greatly improve performance.

The speed and reliability of your network connection will affect an optimal experience while using UFApps. If
you are struggling with latency, try a better network connection.

Using the R Drive File Storage

1. Once you’re logged into UFApps, launch the R Drive File Storage application

2. Navigate to the Courses folder and find this course-section

In the Data folder will be files related to course assignments

In the Student folder you can create your own folder for working on course assignments

Using UFApps with CANVAS

Accessing CANVAS files within UFApps will greatly reduce the steps necessary to get the files you need, complete your
work, and then upload them back to CANVAS.

1. Once you’re logged into UFApps, launch the E-Learning application

2. Login to E-Learning using your GatorLink credentials

Now any files you need will be downloaded to your workspace in UFApps

If you leave the Internet Explorer window open (to CANVAS), simply upload your finished work. Otherwise,
relaunch the E-Learning app to re-access CANVAS from within UFApps

Adding a link to UFApps in your CANVAS course page

You can add a direct link to UFApps in your course navigation bar. To do so, follow the steps below:

    1. Login to your Canvas course at https://elearning.ufl.edu

    2. Select the course you want to add the UFApps link to

    3. Click on Settings (at the bottom of the navigation column)

    4. Click on the “Apps” tab

    5. Once the External Apps page load up, type in the “Filter by name” textbox: Redirect Tool

    6. Click on the Redirect Tool app

    7. Click on +Add App

    8. Under Name, type UFApps

    9. Under URL Redirect, type https://login.apps.ufl.edu

    10. Check “Show in Course Navigation” and “Force open in new tab”

    11. Refresh your course page. You should see a new link named UFApps in the navigation column for your course.

If you want to change the position of your UFApps link in the navigation column, you can go to Settings > Navigation, and drag and drop your UFApps navigation element to the position you want it to be at. Once you are satisfied with the position, click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Troubleshooting and Help Requests

If you encounter issues, contact the UF HelpDesk, helpdesk@ufl.edu or (352) 392-4357, or visit
https://info.apps.ufl.edu/frequently-asked-questions/ for troubleshooting tips.