How do I start using Kumo?

There are two ways to setup your Kumo profile:

  • Launch Kumo profile setup from within your session
  • Go directly to the webpage before you start your session in UFApps

If you launched a session but never set up your Kumo profile, you may receive the message shown below. In this case, click on Setup. A browser window will launch the web page where you can set up your profile.

Once the web page loads, please follow the direction listed below.

To set up the service, simply go to and click Log In button.

You will be redirected to UF’s authentication page. Login with your gatorlink credentials:

Once logged in, you will see your home page in Kumo with the available cloud storae services.

Currently, UF Kumo is configured with two cloud storage solutions:

  • UF File Shares (e.g. Departmental file shares)
  • UF OneDrive for Business