Granting File Access to UFApps

File Access

In order to open, save, and edit files from your local computer UFApps needs the ability to access your locally stored files.  To achieve this you will need to give the Citrix Receiver permission to access files on your computer and the first time you use UFApps you are asked to grant access.  If you choose to block access and would like to change it to permit access the steps below will help you achieve this.


  • Go to, login and launch an application. Make sure you are using the full Citrix Receiver
  • Once the application has launched navigate to the notification area of your taskbar and right click on the Citrix Workspace/Receiver icon. Hover over “Connection Center” and then click on it
  • The connection center windows will open, highlight the Folder with a name similar to “AT-CXPE-UFA-R01”
  • In the right side of the window locate “Preferences” and click on the button
  • You will see a new window with File Access tab. Select Read and Write to allow you to save files locally on your computer, press the OK button


  • Go to, login and launch an application
  • Once the application has launched navigate to the menu bar and select “Citrix Viewer”, in the menu that drops down choose “Preferences”
  • A new window will open, select the devices tab
  • In the window you will now be able to choose the file access that you want, choose the “Read and Write” radio button then close the window
  • You should now be able to save file locally to your device